About Us


Our Studio

Taekwondo USA is owned and operated by Executive Master Brent Ellison and has been  in Huntington Beach since 1987. 

What is Taekwondo?   

Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art which translated means "Way of the hand and foot." It is a discipline that trains people mentally and physically.  

The Values & Philosophy

Each person who becomes involved in the Martial Arts has a different objective: to improve his physical condition, to learn self-defense, or perhaps to improve self-discipline - to meet a mental as well as  physical challenge. Each of these different goals, however, reflect one common thought: personal improvement. because each student has different capabilities (mentally and physically), Our instructors concentrate on individual progress. There are certain techniques and mental concepts that must be mastered as the student proceeds through the ranks - and some progress more quickly than others. But students are not compared to one another; each is judged by standards according to a concept we call "personal victory"... a measurement of individual improvement based on personal victory. Because of the "personal victory" concept, Our program is an exciting form of mental and physical exercise for men and women, boys and girls, the young in age and the young at heart. The current physical condition of the student is not an issue because improvement is the common goal. If the student is willing to attend classes two or three times per week, they will meet their goal, and they will receive additional benefits they never expected.